Over a year ago, we launched a program to raise money to replace our old, worn-out seating.  Our goal was to maintain the old-fashioned ambiance and increase warmth and comfort.  With the help of our patrons and supporters, we have managed to accomplish our goal.  We have been running a program where individuals and/or businesses have been able to sponsor a seat by purchasing it for Pierre’s Playhouse in exchange for certain benefits described below.  We want to have every single seat sponsored, so until we reach that goal, the Buy a Seat promotion will continue. To the left is a picture of our auditorium with the newer seating installed.  **HERE’S OUR OFFER** Buy a $99 seat for our theater and Pierre’s Playhouse will present you with a discount card valued at $60.  The card will have 24 punch locations printed on it. Each punch location represents a $2.50 discount that may be applied against the purchase of admissions and concessions.  See Rules and Restrictions below. RECOGNITION In addition to discounts, your name or your company’s name will be engraved on a br onze name plate and secured to the chair as a token of our thanks for helping us make our local movie theater more comfortable and enjoyable. EVERYONE WINS Pierre’s Playhouse benefits by getting help financing new seating.  You or your business gets recognition, rewards, and a possible tax write-off. All future theater patrons will enjoy a comfortable, new seat in your honor.  Additionally, you may purchase seats and give the Reward Cards away as gifts.  They are transferable. HOW TO BUY A SEAT You may select one of the following methods to purchase a seat: 1. Make your purchase via PayPal.  Receive your Value Card by mail. 2. Send, 1) a check for $99 made payable to Pierre’s Playhouse, 2) return mailing address for your Value Card, 3) the name you want printed on the seat nameplate to: Pierre’s Playhouse  Seat Promotion P.O. Box 271 Victor, Idaho  83455 3. Come to the ticket office during regular operating hours. 4. Contact management at 208-317-0333 to make other arrangements. RULES AND RESTRICTIONS Each theater admission is allowed only one discount. One or more discounts may be used toward the purchase of popcorn and soft drinks, as long as the combined purchase price meets or exceeds the combined value of the discounts being applied.  Discounts do not apply toward the purchase of any other than the above named items. The purchase of a seat at Pierre’s Playhouse in conjunction with this promotion does not convey ownership or usage rights of the seat to the purchaser.  Since the purchase of a seat comes with name recognition on the attached name plate, self-employed persons and businesses can consider the purchase an advertising expense.
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